Orientation Session

PNWBHA Overview: Who We Are, What We Do – Wayne Turnberg


CA and US Health Systems: What They Get Right and What They Got Wrong – Wayne Dauphinee


Plenary & Luncheon Sessions

Tidal Wave Impacts at Anacia (Panchena Bay)Emchayiik  (Robert Dennis)


The Orphan Tsunami of 1700Brian Atwater
Impacts of a Seismic Event: Health System Challenges – Dr Eric K. Noji


Learning from the Past to Protect the Future: Creating Washington’s Next Survival StoriesMGen Tim Lowenberg


Post Seismic Event Health Concerns: An Epidemiologic Perspective Dr John Kobayashi


The Crystal Ball: Where does the Future of the Pacific NorthWest Cross Border Alliance Lie?Dr Susan Allan


Concurrent/Breakout Sessions

What we can Learn about Disaster Preparedness and Response: A Study of the Experience of Hospital Staff in Concepcion, Chile, during and 72 hours after the Earthquake of February 27, 2012 Norma Sorensen


Columbia Generating Station Emergency: Assessing Environmental Public Health Impact – Mark Henry, WA DOH


Health Risk Exposure PathwaysMike Priddy


Medical Capabilities of WAFT-1 USAR – Larry Woodard, MD


Disaster Response ESF 9 – Thomas Miner


Washington’s Rapid Response Team and Food Emergency Response PlanCharles Breen


Research on Effectiveness of Alert Communications between Public Health & Health Care Providers for Emergency Preparedness & Response: The REACH Project Debra Revere


Health System Seismic Preparedness in the Lower Mainland of BCJohn Lavery and Brent Alley


Tackling the Invisible Fallout of Disasters: A British Columbia Psychosocial PerspectiveHeleen Sandvik



Cross State Collaboration Washington and Oregon Working Together to Build a Stronger Healthcare Volunteer Response Scott Carlson (Akiko Berkman & Sally Abbott)


Federal Medical Resource Support for a Natural Disaster: Federal Medical Station and Strategic National Stockpile –  Jonathan Rackard &  Joseph Vitale

Cross Border Discussion on Patient Movement – Sally Abbott


Working Group Sessions

Emergency Medical Services Overview  – Ralph Jones, BCAS & Mike Smith WA DOH


Poster Presentations


Pacific NorthWest Border Health Alliance  Contact: Wayne Dauphinee, PNWBHA Secretariat

CA-US Pan Border Public Health Preparedness Council  Contact: Alicia Smale, PHAC Secretariat


Apathy or Engagement and Empowerment? Applying Health Behavior Theory to Disaster Preparedness Contact: Dorothy Zevier, MPH and  Fiorin Zeviar, PMP


EPI-X Epidemic Information Exchange

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning – Southeast Alaska, May-June 2011 Contact: Barb Smith, Alaska Division of Public Health


Northwest Center for Public Health Policy  Contact: Luann D’Ambrosio, NWCPHP


WAresponds: Washington State’s on-line public health emergency system Contact: John Erickson, WA DOH


Searching for Native Stories About Cascadia Subduction Zone Eaarthquakes Contact: Ruth Ludwin University of Washington


The Creation of the National Alliance for Radiation Readiness (NARR) Contact: Adela Salame-Alfie, New York State Department of Health