The broad strategic aim of the Pacific NorthWest Border Health Alliance is to ensure that the region is operationally ready to respond to and recover from an health emergency or disaster. This is captured in our mission statement, and all of our activities must ultimately be directed toward this end.
To accomplish our mission we must work in close concert with regional public and private health sector entities and other government agencies to facilitate the development, evaluation and validation of effective health emergency plans and programs.
The Alliance is also responsible for providing leadership in comprehensive emergency management. To this end, we must develop strategic best practice guidelines, standards and protocols and communicate these to the cross jurisdictionally health sector. We must also fully support the jurisdictions in acquiring the resources necessary to meet their future needs.
None of this is possible without a clear and comprehensive framework that contains achievable objectives and the means to measure their attainment. This is the purpose of the Strategic Plan and once full developed all jurisdictions are encouraged to become familiar with its content and commit to its objectives.
The  PNWBHA Strategic Plan 2015-2020  is the overarching guide for Alliance activities over a five-year period. It is updated annually to reflect any changes to the Alliance’s situation, objectives or priorities. The document reflects the May 2015 status of the Alliance’s strategic objectives.