The Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) is the operational component of the Pacific NorthWest Public Health Alliance. The purpose of the JCC is to enhance the working relationship among member states and provinces/territory in responding to a health incident or other emergencies or disasters.
The JCC is responsible for:
  •  identifying opportunities to improve collaborative early warning infectious disease surveillance and surveillance information sharing between the participating jurisdictions, including the type of information to be shared;
  • developing collaborative approaches to address surge capacity demands on health systems and resources when a health incidentoccurs, including a 24/7 response protocol between participating jurisdictions that would identify appropriate contacts and their roles;
  • assessing current and explore future areas of collaboration that could result in efficiencies in the provision of health services; and
  • conducting an annual Cross Border Public Health Preparedness Workshop.
The JCC “Core Group” is comprised of the designated representatives of the participating provinces, states and territories.  The US Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Health Agency of Canada are represented through their respective Pacific North West liaison o fficers. The JCC  may be extended at the discretion of the Chair(s) to include the various Working Group Leads.
Follow this link to view the JCC Terms of Reference .