Orientation Session

Pacific NorthWest Border Health Alliance: Forging Ahead – Wayne Dauphinee, PNWBHA

Public Health Preparedness and Response Across Borders in the Pacific Northwest – Wayne Turnburg, WA DOH

Introduction to the Canada – United Stated Pan Border Public Health Preparedness Council – Sylvie Bérubé, PHAC (BC & YK Region)

Plenary Sessions

Canada/United States – The Federal Perspective: The Path Forward – Kathryn Howard, PHAC (BC & YK Region);  & RAdm Patrick O’Carroll, HHS Region X

Social Media and Technology in Emergency Management/Public Health Management – Therese Mickelson, Mickelson Consulting, Inc

Pandemic Influenza H1N1 – Lessons Learned in Canada and the United StatesDr Bonnie Henry, BCCDC ; Dr Monika Neus, BCCDC ; Dr Tony Marfin, WA DOH ; Dr Jeff Deuchin, Seattle-King County Health 

Deep Water Horizon: A Public Health Perspective – Impact of the BP Gulf Oil Spill on Louisiana Doris Brown, LA DOHH

Migrant Ships: A Multi-Jurisdiction Approach to Planning and Response Catlin Harrison,PHAC (BC & YK Region);  Norma Jones, VIHA; Kitstin Brown, BC MPHS; Ivan Peterson, CBSA  & Bob Gallahar, BCAS

Geo –Spatial Data Display: A Potential Health Preparedness Tool – Chris Hayne, EMBC

Public Health Cross Border Collaboration– Dr Eric Blank, US APHL

Response to a Communicable Disease Identified at a Land Border Crossing – Richard Buck, NY DOH

Cross Border Movement of Pharmaceuticals, Biological Substances and Medical Devices – Chantz Strong, Health Canada

Cross Border Integrated Response: An Emergency Management and Health Perspective – Chris Smith, BC MOHS; Cam Filmer, EMBC; Terry Ehan, WA EMD & Ken Back, WA DOH

Early Warning Infectious Surveillance from Health Information Exchanges –  Dr Tony Marfin, WA DOH

Cholera Epidemic in Haiti, Threat to the Western Hemisphere– Dr Daphne Moffett, US HHS CDC

Concurrent/Breakout Sessions

Cross Border Telecommunication: Interoperability and Compatibility – Pascal Rodier, BCAS

Mobile Medical Unit: An Innovative Health Sector Resource – Leanne Appleton, PHSA

Practice-Based Research: Opportunities and Challenges – Dr Bonnie Henry, BCCDC & Dr Susan Allen, NWCPHP

Cross Border Movement of Healthcare Disaster Responders – Charles Cunningham, US DHS/CBP & Jeff Goddard, CBSA

Adaptive Response: Bridging the Divide between Climate Change and Health Emergency Management – Emily Nixon, BC MOHS

Early Warning SystemsEPI-X & CPNHI Dr. Shamnir Mukhi, PHAC & Jim Schwendinger, US HHS/CDC

Poster Presentations

2011 PNWBHA Achievement Award Recipient

Psychological Approaches in Pacific Northwest Border Communities Before, During and Following a Communicable Infectious Disease Outbreak. Contact: Jason Madrano, University of Washington

Honorable Mention

Cross Border Collaboration in Response to the Emergence of Cryptococcugatti in the Pacific Northwest. Contact: Katie Miller, Washington Department of Health

Evaluation of Tuberculosis Surveillance System Utilized in Washington State for Migrant Populations. Contact: Laura Vonnahme, CDC Seattle Quarantine Station

Factors Associated with 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Vaccination Among Pregnant Women. Contact: Meagan Kay, Public Health – Seattle King County

Health Impacts of Climate Change – Introduction to a Public Health Work Force. Contact: Jeanie Knight, Thurston County Public Health Service, WA

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Among Vulnerable Populations Through Relationships with Community Agencies. Contact: Jeanie Knight, Thurston County Public Health Service, WA