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NewAccredited Online Colleges

This resource is available to anyone, it does not involve any cost and is updated yearly. The following are some specific pages on the website that might be of greatest interest:

Online Schools is a general information website with many resources useful to prospective students interested in advancing their education.

Online Schools has compiled for you the most comprehensive and complete searchable database of online schools available on the Web. Our site is specially designed to actively aid you in your search for the ideal online school. From advice to helpful hints to accurate data and information, we have what you need to embark on your new educational journey

Among the many subjects covered on our site, we discuss the offline and online educational paths  one can follow to obtain a degree in public health or a related field:

University of Alberta (UA) School of Public Health

As component of its graduate education program the  UA School of Public Health ­ has created a series of non-credit professional development courses on Public Health Surveillance.