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2013 Partners in EP ConferencePartners in Emergency Preparedness Conference, Tacoma WA, USA, April 19-21, 2016

The Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference  is the largest and most successful regional emergency preparedness conference in the Pacific Northwest.



Prep Summit
The 2016 Preparedness Summit is the premier national conference in the field of public health and healthcare preparedness. The four-day annual event provides the ONLY cross-disciplinary learning for the preparedness community.





Tribal2016 Tribal Emergency Preparedness Conference: Public Health & Emergency Management Working Together, Spokane, WA, May 4-6, 2016. Pre-Conference Workshops May 2-3, 2016





WCDM 2016

Toronto, ON, Canada, June 6 – 9, 2016




Cascadia-300x173Cascadia Rising Exercise, Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ), Canada – USA, June 7 – 10, 2016

This four-day catastrophic earthquake and tsunami functional exercise will see Emergency Operations and Coordination Centers (EOC/ECCs) at all levels of government and the private sector activated to coordinate simulated field response operations both within their jurisdictions and also with neighboring communities, state EOCs, FEMA, and major military commands.





Coastal ResponseExercise Coastal Response, Port Alberni Region, BC, Canada, June 7-10, 2016

Exercise Coastal Response will be British Columbia’s first-ever provincially led, full-scale earthquake and tsunami response exercise that will test elements of the new B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan (IRP).






Pacific North West Economic Region (PNWER) 26th  Annual Summit, Calgary, Alberta, July 17 – 21, 2016

The PNWER Annual Summit addresses challenges to growth, trade and environmental stewardship across 10 jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest U.S. and Western Canada. Network with leaders from the Northwest states, provinces and territories and explore the beauty and innovative practices of Alberta on guided policy tours.




CAF LogoOperation Nanook, Nunavut, Canada, August 2016

This annual exercise, which has run since 2007, will involve more than 800 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel, emergency responders and civil servants. The operation entails exercises using scenarios in which the CAF partner with other Canadian federal and territorial government departments and agencies, and with allied armed forces, to mount whole-of-government responses to security and environmental issues.





After Action ForumCascadia Rising – Coastal Response After Action Forum,  October  2016, Location TBA

This is  “by invitation” event for Pacific North West emergency management, business continuity and public health preparedness leaders.  The purpose of  the form is to share the lessons identified (and learned) and the experience gained during the exercises and to begin mapping the way ahead to enhance seismic event preparedness in the Pacific North West.


Hale Borielis 2016 Hale Borealis Forum, Anchorage, Alaska, USA,     October 18-20, 2016

The forum is designed to bring together public health, pre-hospital, healthcare facilities, trauma designated hospitals, emergency managers, fire, law enforcement, Alaska Respond volunteer health professionals, and other non-governmental and governmental organizations that have equities in emergency preparedness and response.





Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 7 – 10, 2016