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Orientation Session

Pacific NorthWest Border Health Alliance (PNWBHA): Who We Are and What We Do PDF1 – Wayne Dauphinee  PNWBHA


Plenary Sessions

International Mutual Aid Agreements: Foundations of Health Security in North America PDF1 – Carole Cameron  DHS-FEMA


Lessons Learned but Forgotten: How to Implement Sustained  Change in Public Health Preparedness and Response                     

  •  Lessons Learned, Identified and Adapted PDF1 – Dr Barbara Redmond  PHAC/CEPR

  •  Learned, Forgotten, and Remembered PDF1 – Rick Buell US HHS/ASPR (Region X)


Ebola Forum

Ebola Preparation in the Pacific Northwest

  • Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness in Saskatchewan PDF1Dr Denise Werker SK Ministry of Health


Meeting Public Health Threats at Ground Zero

  • CDC Ebola Response Guinea July – December 2014  PDF1– LCdr Michael Kinzer USPHS

  • Monrovia Medical Unit Team 1 PDF1– LCdr Jesus Reyna USPHS

  • Operation SIRONA PDF1– Capt Angela Bremner 1 (Cdn) Fd Hosp

Breakout Sessions

Quarantine Revisited

  • EVD Contact Management in BC PDF1– Michelle Murti  BC Fraser Health

  • Quarantine Planning in Washington State PDF1 – Mahlet Zeru and David Owens WA DOH


Infectious Waste Management PDF1 – Lisa Young BCAS and David Jansen  WA DOH


EMS Management of Highly Contagious Patients PDF1 – Rod Salem BCAS and Larry Torris OR HA 


Catastrophic Disaster Planning: Cascadia Subduction Zone PDF1 – Michael Loehr  WA DOH


Emergency Licensing of Healthcare Professionals

  • WA State Licensing Framework PDF1 – Karen Jensen WA DOH

  • BC Perspective PDF1 – Kelli Kryzanowski BC MOH


Speaking the Same Language: Fundamentals of Risk Communication PDF1 – Laura Blaske WA DOH


Working Group Sessions

Environmental Public Health

  • There’s a Fungus Among Us!  PDF1 – Heather Hill, RN, PHN IV

  • Updates on Coccidioides in Washington State: When, Where, & What’s of Environmental Surveillance PDF1  – Ron Wohrle  WA DOH

  •  Avian Influenza in Washington: The State-Wide Animal PerspectivePDF1  –  Amber J Itle WA DOH


Emergency Medical Services

  • Ebola or Highly Infectious Disease EMS Response  PDF1 – WA DOH