Posters present a unique opportunity to inform workshop attendees about special projects or initiatives that contribute to public health and health services and promote community resiliency.  The 2014 presentations were:






  • Emergency Medical Services’ Cross Border  “Mutual Assistance” Saving Lives! Presenters:  Larry Torris, Oregon Emergency Medical Services, US Rod Salem, British Columbia Ambulance Services, Canada Mike Smith, Washington Emergency Medical Services, DOH, US   EMS Resources PDF1   PNW EMS Activity PDF1


  • The Laboratory Response Network: A Model for Global health Security  PDF1 Presenter: Christopher Chadwick, MS, Specialist, Public Health Preparedness and Response, Association of Public Health Laboratories ;   Chris Mangal, MPH Association of Public Health Laboratories Tyler Wolford, MS Association of Public Health Laboratories


  • Project Public Health Ready (PPHR)  PDF1 PresenterResham Patel, MPH, Senior Program Analyst, Public Health Preparedness, National Association of County and City Health Officials Washington, DC


  • The Cascadia Subduction Zone Scenario Presenter: Michael Kubler, MS, President, Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup