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HSS Snapshot2013-2014 National Snapshot of Public Health Preparedness

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the 2013-2014 National Snapshot of Public Health Preparedness PDF  which highlights CDC’s preparedness priorities as well as features national and regional preparedness fact sheets.





OutbreaksOutbreaks: Protecting Americans From Infectious Diseases (2013)

The Trust for American Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issued this report to examine the country’s policies to respond to ongoing and emerging infectious disease threats.




Critical Resources for Hospital Surge Capacity: An Expert Consensus Panel



Communication Breakdown: An After Action  Review of Recent Crisis. 

This paper PDF1from Everbridge examines best practices and lessons learned from recent impactful events to better understand the impact of critical communications on emergency response.





Beyond Borders: An Integrated Approach to Emergency Preparedness for Canada and the U.S. 

This poster presentationPDF1 by Fayola Creft, MPH, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, describes a comprehensive literature search on lessons learned about cross border collaboration on emergency preparedness resulting from events such as the September 11 attacks; and identify gaps in existing agreements and practices between Canada and the United States which present opportunities to collaboratively explore and expand emergency preparedness across international borders






img204Washington State Department of Health Public Health Emergency Peparedness and Response Program Annual Summary Report 2011 -2012













climate changeClick here to checkout this resource-rich inforgraphic to see what is being impacted.







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